Improve your French

Let's open new ways of developing your language skills

French is not your mother tongue and you wish to reach a level that you judge is sufficient to be operational ? You are not a native French speaker and your position requires you to master this language at a high level ? You have international colleagues who would like to boost their French ?


Thanks to my action-oriented language learning approach, you'll improve your knowledge of French while finding more meaning and pleasure in the learning process. 



A language, it’s alive !

I give French language training in which :

  • Priority is given to what the learner is producing in a meaningful context.  The basis is « learning by doing ».  That’s what we call an action-oriented approach.
  • Flexibility is kept for in-company classes
  • Topics are connected with the news and real-life situations, they stimulate everbody to express opinions, to communicate and to interact.
  • An action-oriented approach, what is it ?  It allows the learner to use his/her skills at the highest to complete « tasks » in a meaningful way ; it is much more stimulating than learning rules or tables of verbs… and much more efficient !

You learn to communicate.

Let’s work together !

I have been teaching French as a foreign language for more than twenty-five years.  

  • Among others, I taught business and legal French at ESADE, in Barcelona
  • I have been giving French training at the College of Europe in Bruges and at the European Commission in Brussels
  • I co-wrote a book to teach French as a foreign language (Rond-Point)
  • I wrote eight short stories for non-French readers (Alex Leroc, Journalist).

And I love my job !